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With Loc Lucent we take special care of each client because we understand how essential our hair is to our personality, lifestyle, and confidence. Take a look at a few client samples below.


We take our time with your hair to complete an establishment that you can be proud of. Here you can see the behind the scenes close up of how we transform the hair to a beautiful sister loc finish.

Experience Your Transformation!


My mind’s eye sees the light; 

I’m sure of who I am and I’m more alive.

LOC Lucent

Opens your eyes and see the surprise, 

the prize to realize, your hair is specialized.

LOC Lucent

Care free or formal watch them stare; 

Freedom and movement as no one were there.

LOC Lucent

Welcome the rain as it falls on my mane; 

Style and grace in a happy place.

LOC Lucent

A breath of fresh air, I dare to care;

Growing and Glowing as I shake my freedom hair.

LOC Lucent

Blessings and cruising; Locs on point;

It’s So gratifying singing this joint.

LOC Lucent

Come on board and see the reward;

Try Loc Lucent Today, Forever, Always!

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